Total Disc Replacement

How is total disc replacement an alternative to fusion?

What is Lumbar Disc Fusion?

The traditional approach to treating pain and/or disability from lumbar degenerative disc disease is spinal fusion. This is likely the most popular alternative Dr. Pribil’s specialized Total Disc Replacement treatment. This surgery involves forming a direct bony connection between the vertebrae surrounding the painful disc(s); pain relief occurs by stopping the motion of the painful disc(s).

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Dr. Pribil can help you understand your pain and resolve your symptoms

Dr. Pribil is available to help you understand and resolve the symptoms you may be experiencing after an automibile accident or spontaneous disc rupture. He focuses on understanding the nature of your pain and then approaches the issue as conservatively as possible. If non-invasive treatment can’t help, Dr. Pribil provides unparalelled experience in offering minimally-invasive spinal surgeries to ease your pain and suffering.

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Patient Testimonials Immediately After Surgery with Dr. Pribil

Auto accidents, trucking accidents, and work related injuries are the 3 leading causes of long-term neck and back pain. Once therapy options have been exhausted, the pain can best be treated with minimally-invasive spinal surgery to alleviate the pain. Dr. Pribil has successfully performed over 10,000 corrective spine surgeries and he can help you restore and ensure your range of motion, eliminate your neurological symptoms, including numbness, weakness, instability and your pain. Hear from some of his recent patients below

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Disc Replacement Surgery

Are You Considering Disc Replacement Surgery?

There are a variety of issues that can cause neck pain. Ranging from; a simple sprain to a herniated disc. One of the most common causes of neck pain, that Dr. Pribil can treat at our practice, is herniated discs. Neck pain can also be caused by arthritic changes related to aging. No matter what the cause, Dr. Pribil can help you with your pain because he is one of the world’s leading disc replacement surgery experts.

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