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Neurosurgery Treatment Options

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Treatment Options after being Injured In An Auto Accident

Auto accidents, trucking accidents, and work related injuries are the 3 leading causes of long-term neck and back pain. When patients do not respond to conservative treatment options minimally invasive spinal surgery can be used to alleviate the pain. Board Certified Neurosurgeon Dr. Stefan Pribil has successfully performed over 10,000 corrective spine surgeries and he can help your range of motion, eliminate your neurological symptoms, including numbness, weakness, instability and your PAIN through his revolutionary treatment options.

Artificial Disc Replacement

The advantage of a disk replacement is that it is a more natural operation that allows for preservation of motion. Dr. Pribil has done hundreds of disk replacements and has taught this technique to many other surgeons. Patients can expect to go home about three hours after surgery.

Thoracic Spine Microdiscectomy

Symptoms of thoracic disc herniation vary depending on the position and size of the disc herniation; nerve irritation or nerve injury; and damage to the spinal cord. Symptoms may include mid-back pain; pain around the front of the chest that may mimic heart problems; groin pain or pain, numbness and weakness in the legs. It may even affect bowel and bladder function.

Lumbar Decompressions

This advanced minimally invasive surgery has an incision that is less than one inch in size. The specific technique used by Dr. Pribil does not cut across any muscles and minimizes scar tissue formation. There is minimal blood loss and most patient can start showering in 2-3 days, resume driving within 4 to 5 days. Return to work can be anywhere from one to four weeks depending on the demands of their occupation.

To learn more about any of our treatment options and which therapy or surgery might be best suited for your needs, please contact our office to schedule a consult with Dr. Pribil today. Our friendly staff will be excited and happy to help guide you on the path to pain-free wellness.